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Physical Therapy

MBI ORPT has been providing quality physical therapy services for the Workman’s Compensation industry since 1982. Our goal is to decrease recovery time with our quality of care in an enjoyable environment and train the patient how to prevent future injuries.  


Early Intervention

An early intervention strategy allows for control of the most painful and limiting phase of the injury and leads to shorter time in physical therapy in the long run.


MBI’s in-house team of physicians, specialists and physical therapists are continuously communicating to ensure quick resolution of care as well as quality.

Friendly Environment & Staff

Our caring team will work to give you an enjoyable experience while receiving the highest quality of care.

Continued Drive for Excellence

To ensure trust that you received an accurate diagnosis, the patient understanding the diagnosis and is receiving the individualized treatment plan to return the patient to work, as well as, everyday life.

Our Specialized Physical Therapy Facilites

Weighted Boxes and Objects
Training Machinery
Gravel Pit
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