MBI Telehealth Virtual Visit

MBI will provide a secure medical assessment and treatment plan through our
innovative telehealth program. Employees can expect comprehensive,
convenient, and immediate care from one of our specialized occupational
healthcare providers via our telemedicine platform.


  • Call your nearest MBI facility to schedule your virtual visit

  • Our provider will send the employee a hyperlink via text message or email

  • Open hyperlink and follow instructions to check in

  • Provider will begin virtual visit to diagnose and recommend treatment

  • Upon checkout we will schedule next follow up visit and send employer work status via email


  • Minor strains and sprains

  • Contusions

  • Minor cuts and scrapes

  • Bloodborne pathogen exposure

Any injuries that require additional medical treatment will be referred to the nearest MBI facility for further employee assessment. To get started or learn more about our telehealth program, contact your Health Service Manager or nearest MBI facility.

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MBI Telerehab Virtual Visit

MBI is now offering patients who were initially evaluated in clinic by our physical
therapy team an alternative to in-person visits. Our MBI Telerehab program
ensures patients a safe, simple, and secure virtual visit from anywhere!


  • Contact your nearest MBI facility to begin your virtual visit

  • Our Telerehab provider will send the patient a hyperlink via text message or e-mail

  • Open hyperlink and follow secure check in instructions

  • Telerehab provider will begin virtual visit with patient

  • Upon checkout, we will schedule next follow up visit and send necessary paperwork electronically via secure e-mail

Telerehab is intended to help treat and rehabilitate minor injuries while
expediting patient recovery with emphasis on home exercise progression, compliance, and patient education.

Conditions we treat:

  • Minor strains and sprains

  • Contusions

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Post-operative care

MBI Telerehab provides an excellent choice for high quality rehabilitation care.
To get started today, contact your nearest MBI Industrial Medicine Clinic!

For More Information

Download Telehealth document here.

Download Telerehab document here.

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