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Our highly-developed facilities are designed to provide the best care.

OSHA Regulations

MBI facilities are up to date with all OSHA standards and regulations. To learn about employers responsibilities visit the United States Department of Labor website

After Hours Triage

Companies who operate second and third shifts have little choice for injury care other than the local emergency room.  MBI offers employers a viable after hours alternative for non-emergency injuries. Please contact us for more information about this free service at (602) 272-7676 or download our after-hours PDF.

Minor Surgery Suites​

MBI's minor surgery suites have the capability to treat any injury, that is not life-threating, instantly and without the constraints of a hospital or parent company dictating where and how patients should be treated.


All of our facilities are equipped with on-site x-ray capabilities.  This service assists our Doctors with evaluating trauma efficiently.  Our x-ray technologists are highly trained and experienced professionals who are keenly aware of radiation safety standards.

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