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About Us

About MBI

Founded in 1982 by Dr. Walter O'Hayre, MBI continues to provide competent, cost-effective Occupational Health services to employers and employees in Arizona. Sticking to our core principals and Dr. O'Hayre's philosophy to fit the applicant to the job, MBI is the only facility in Arizona dedicated to the sole practice of Occupational Health.

MBI understands the priorities of employers and their concerns of their employees. Therefore, MBI provides an objective medical opinion, effective treatment and prompt return to work. Unlike most occupational medical clinics, MBI does not utilize revenue generating standardized treatment protocols. MBI diligently monitors industrial injury cases and works closely with skilled industrial rehabilitation professionals to avoid chronicity.

MBI Committment

Direct Communication with our Physicians

Appropriate use of physical therapy treatment durations

Lower Stat Referral Rate To Specialist

Shorter Case Durations

Shorter Wait Times

Case Management to Assist in Bringing Cases to Discharge

Increased Productivity which Equals Profit Dollars

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